How Does LDN Work?

A number of trials have shown LDN to benefit autoimmune diseases - some of the more recent research papers are on the right. Research has been sporadic as LDN is now a generic drug and no drug company can afford to run large scale clinical trials. That said, the body of research is growing rapidly, along with clinical experience and LDN certainly seems to work for many people.

The problem is, as a non-doctor - how do you translate this sporadic research into a clear understanding of how LDN might work?

In this section we are going to set out, in very simple terms - the 3 current theoretical models for LDN in autoimmune disease and give a brief overview of why it is being used in certain cancers.

Clicking on one of the boxes below will take you to a page explaining that theory. We have tried to keep it simple but give you the main points so you can understand.

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Toll Like Receptors (Infection Monitors)
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